Inflatable Gymnastics Mats are basically inflatable materials used for sports training, personal exercises, demonstrations, and shows. They are commonly used in gymnastics, martial arts, senior and elementary gyms, free running and cheerleading.
Facts about Inflatable Gymnastics Mat:
• Safer to Use. It is next to impossible to train or exercise on any sports surfaces without getting injured or feeling pain afterward in some parts of the body like the joints. On the other hand, using Inflatable Gymnastics Mat is friendlier given its soft body and thickness. This keeps your body fit for upcoming games, events or shows by exposing it to less or no injuries at all.
• Can be Used Anywhere. Unlike others, Inflatable Gymnastics Mat can be used anywhere you are, as long as there is enough space to place them. Given the fact that they are relatively lightweight, portable, easy to set up, can be inflated from anywhere, and deflated to fit in any means of transport like a car; then your training place can be your location. This means you can turn part of your living room, backyard, local park or basketball court into your personal training center or showground.
• For all Ages and Stages. Inflatable Gymnastics Mat are for all genders, both children, and adults. They are used in schools, gyms, among other entertainment and sports centers. The intention of using them varies from professionals like athletes who train to improve and try new skills, to leisure which is all about having fun. You can also buy one or more for home use.
• AirTight. Just like the code name “Air”, all Inflatable Gymnastics Mat products have to be air-tight to be used. With the latest products, it is even possible to personalize or customize the pressure within a short time before using the Inflatable Gymnastics Mat. This is made possible by using a lightweight blower alongside a manometer for favorable training or playing conditions.