This is the type of Bubble Ball Soccer that involves playing while wearing round tubes over your upper body; from the head, hands, or stomach towards or up to the knees. These tubes are transparent thus enabling you to see clearly as you play. However, you might not be able to see your feet due to obstruction of the tube.
The intention of the game is to score goals against your opponent(s). The struggle you go through to score or defend is what makes bubble ball soccer a unique and amazing sport to play. The struggle comes in form of forcefully finding a way to score and being denied the opportunity to score. This is where physique and strength are applied and tested in the form of knocking, pushing, and colliding. This results into opponents falling, bouncing, and rolling on the ground in different directions. At this point, the player rolling is just laughing abnormally.
Bubble ball soccer should be played by
• 6-year-olds and above
• Minors with a signed waiver agreement by their parents or guardians or caretaker
• Those free from medical conditions that can arise due to exercise, suffering from asthma, claustrophobia among others.
If you don’t possess any of the characteristics above, you should first consult the technical staff and check with your doctors before you can play.
This is the game to play on any social event like birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, festivals, corporate events among others. It is very interesting when you play with friends, family members, or workmates.
It should also be played in approved indoor venues like courts, gyms, backyards, etc., and outdoor facilities like grassy playing fields.
With bubble ball soccer, you have the opportunity to work out and laugh out loud at the same time. Email us ( for inquiries on the contact us section and we shall reply as soon as possible.