Bubble Suit is a safe and fun sport that will challenge you physically, mentally, and socially. It is quite rough and allows foul play and contact against opponents. It also needs focus for you to outplay your opponents and score more goals against them. Furthermore, it is a social game that brings people together and allows them to bond. Instead of stirring a fight, the foul play ignites laughter among players. Therefore, to enjoy this sport, you have to play dirty a couple of times during the game.
How to Play Bubble Suit
First and foremost, you have to wear standard athletic attire. That is to say shorts, T-shirt, and shoes with no cleats. Players are not allowed to wear jewellery, sharp objects and eye or sunglasses for their safety while playing.
On top of your attire, you normally wear an inflatable bubble that covers your head, chest, arms, waist, and knees. The legs are the only free parts of your body whose job is to kick the soccer ball into the goal of the opponent.
Since it is a physical and contact game, you have to be prepared to jump, knock and push your opponent around and vice versa. When you fall to the ground, you won’t get hurt because of the protection from the bubble. You will bounce and roll on the ground,
Try to score as many goals as you can to win the game.
Who Can Play Bubble Suit
Both male and female
Above 10 years of age
Ages 17 years and below should possess a signed waiver agreement by their parents or guardians allowing them to play.
When and Where to Play
At parties in schools, at home, church, corporate events, festivals, etc.
On courts, soccer fields, in gyms, parks, recreational centers and large auditoriums.