Unlike most of the games, Giant Bubble Ball is will give you a work out and have excess laughter throughout the game. Every part of your body will be exercised unintentionally by running, jumping, knocking, falling, and bouncing on the ground. This means you will be able to work out your upper body and your lower body too.
Not only will you work out, but you get a chance to bond with your play mates. This gets more interesting because it is all happening with your head, stomach, hands, and knees inside a bubble tube. Only your legs are free so that you can run, pass, and shoot the soccer ball to score. Unlike the familiar football game, this one has no goalkeeper and usually has one referee to control the game and make final decisions where the two sides may disagree. However, the objective of this game is to enjoy yourself and score as many goals as you can to emerge the winner.
This game is for;
o Both children and adults aged 11 years and above. Those below 18 years should have a signed waiver agreement from their parents or guardians permitting them to play.
o It is also recommended to be 4’8” to 6’4” tall, 250 lbs and below, otherwise consult the technical staff before you can play.
o Players with bad health and medical conditions, as well as those under the influence of ALCOHOL or DRUGS are NOT ALLOWED to play.
Another advantage of this type of Giant Bubble Ball is it has many venues to play from; stadiums, open playing fields, basketball, tennis courts, public parks, etc.
Giant Bubble Ball can be a great addition to children’s parties, school and family reunions, farewell parties, community tournaments among others. It will add unforgettable memories that you will probably live to remember.