Human Bubble Ball is a game that is not all about winning; whether you lose or not, you are happy and guaranteed a great time. You get to push each other around and vice versa without getting in trouble for inflatable human ball game. All this is in a bid to outscore your opponents. Surprisingly, the falling does not injure you or your opponent simply because of the presence of the human bubble ball, which is the main twirl to the familiar game of football.
Features of the Bubble
♣ Human Bubble Ball is inflatable
♣ Human Bubble Suit is made of non-toxic, colourless, tasteless and strong materials that offer enough protection to the participant; in and out of the human bubble suit during the game.
♣ Human Bubble Ball has four contact points which ensure the safety of the participant. These points are 2 cushioned safety straps that pass over the shoulder and under the arm, and 2 forward handles for the player to grip.
♣ Inflatable Human Ball covers the entire upper body to a few centimetres above the knees, for an average sized person.
♣ There is free space (clearance) left between the participant’s head and the top of the bubble, approximately 8 to 10 inches.
♣ Lastly, for it to perform perfectly, participants MUST maintain all four contact points during the game. Furthermore, venues to play it from should be maintained clear of stones, dirt, substances or anything that can affect the integrity of the bubble. This applies to all indoor and outdoor venues like courts, gyms, recreation centres, parks and open playing fields.
However; before wearing the inflatable human bubble suit, you will have to first put on a loose sportswear; comprised of a pair of shorts or trousers, a T-shirt and shoes without cleats.
Human Bubble Ball is a game for 11-year-olds and above. It is perfect for social events and parties, children’s, friends’ and families’ day out. However, minors should have written consent from their parents/guardians allowing them to play.