A Walking Ball is one of the most popular inflatables that is used to walk on water with someone inside it. It is approximately 2 metres in diameter, a size large enough to accommodate an adult human being. It also has an entrance with a zipper that allows the person to enter in and out.
Walking Balls come in various specifications such as size and colour as per the diverse needs of the customers (those who want to play or start a business). They are made from fine quality PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), which is transparent with fine materials that can be printed on. They are generally lightweight with fine or flawless finish, highly durable and most of all safe to use.
These inflatable balls are worldly used by children and adults in amusement parks, swimming pools, beaches, picnic sports, to mention but a few.
Uses of the Walking Balls:
For sitting, standing, walking, running, floating and dancing on water (while inside the ball).
It can be used as an inflatable show or display ball for placing products inside and using it in business show productions such as TV shows, malls, advertising and marketing, among others.
How to play with a water ball on water:
After getting inside the inflatable water walking ball, the ball is zipped up to close the entrance.
An air pump or blower is then connected to a valve to inflate the ball.
It is now large and solid enough to stand on water with someone inside it.
You can now enjoy yourself while you walk, run or dance on water.
Note: You are not supposed to enter the ball with keys, phones, watches, eyeglasses or sunglasses, jewellery or any other related sharp and rough objects. This is to minimise any chances of contact that can pierce or puncture the ball from the inside, or even injure you when you topple over while having fun inside the Inflatable Walking Ball.