The Body Zorb Ball is such a versatile inflatable ball that is used in a number of activities such as downhill zorbing, walking on water, snow rolling and racing on a flat surface. These games are known for exciting the contestants as they pump their adrenaline levels high throughout the game. These games are for both children and adults to use on hillsides, leveled surfaces, soft wooden floors, metal ramps and snowfields to mention but a few.
What a Body Zorb Ball comprises of:
Some of these balls are housed with inner harnesses for securing the players inside; whereas those without harnesses leave you to topple around freely as the ball rolls.
Their bodies are made of tough, thick and flexible plastic; which is strong enough to adhere to environmental conditions that can easily affect the ball’s integrity. The main materials used to make them are TPU (Thermoplastic Elastomer Urethane Copolymer) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).
How to inflate a Body Zorb Ball:
Inflation refers to the process of adding air inside the zorb ball.
When the contestant enters the ball, its entrance is closed. The blower or air pump is then connected to a non-return valve, to pump air into the zorb until it reaches the required capacity.
Besides the happiness and the safety a Body Zorb Ball provides; you are advised to always watch out for the following:
Dizziness and headaches. On completion of the ride, that is when the zorb stops moving; you are advised to first stay put for a few minutes of silence to calm down.
Contestants must not enter the zorb ball with keys, glasses, phones, shoes or jewelry. This is to prevent any chances lacerating the ball body from the inside.
Contestants with poor medical or health conditions such as heart attacks and high blood pressure are advised not to get involved or can first consult their doctors prior to playing.