Unlike the older/other equipment that still produces horrible noises during training, airtrack mats and other airtracks give you a piece of mind which allows you to concentrate on perfecting your techniques. This is because of the air that is inflated in the airtrack before and lasts until the training is over. The inflated air is soft and bouncy enough to give you an extraordinary jump without getting hurt. This can further allow you to spend extra seconds in the airspace to perfect that ‘turn-twist’ before landing. Order now for airtrack equipment to have a safe and suitable training kit and environment.

Airtracks can be used indoors or outdoors ranging from compounds with flat surfaces, gyms, backyards, trampoline parks, organized living rooms, recreation centers, to mention but a few. They are also common at events like sports galas, entertainment shows, competitions, demonstrations, carnivals, festivals, etc. The activities practiced on airtracks in the spots mentioned above include gymnastics, free-running, martial arts, cheerleading, physiotherapy, fitness exercises, and playing, among others. That said; one of the critical points to note is where to place the airtrack mat since it is easily affected by hot weather, to the extent of starting to deflate. You may, therefore, be required to set it under a shade or indoor.

Airtracks are originally designed to be used by both children and adults at school, in training centers, at events, and at home. They are also designed in different lengths, widths, and thickness to suit different people with different heights and weights. However, airtracks can be customized to the athlete’s needs, in that the kit might not be fit for other users of different weight (more weight) and sport. This is why it is also necessary to first consult before purchasing or using the kit. You can reach us on this website for any inquiries or orders. This is your time to improve your lifestyle with an airtrack.