A Water Walking Ball is basically used for playing on the surface of the water. It involves a person walking, running, floating and sitting inside the ball. It can take place at swimming pools, beaches, lakes, and seas. It is widely played and enjoyed by both children and adults.
Even though they are made of reliable materials (PVC or TPU), you should endeavor to watch out for the following identified risks when using water walking balls;
o Suffocating. Participants are likely to suffocate if they stay in the ball for more than 15 to 20 minutes. This would be due to loss of or limited oxygen supply. To solve this, you will have to open the water walking ball and inflate it again after every 15 to 20 minutes.
o Drowning. This is more likely to take place in large and deep water bodies like lakes. This could be caused by interference or contact with sharp water objects like rocks, sticks or rough walls that can puncture the water walking ball to deflate or bust. Once the water walking ball runs out of the air, the player is left with no support except to swim or call for help. The only solution to this is constant supervision from trained and competent personnel to keep an eagle eye upon the participants.
o Collisions. It is very important for the participants to carefully watch their movements to avoid any forms of collision with other participants or water body walls. This is easier given that the balls are transparent. This is to ensure that the water walking balls are safe since a “safe water ball keeps the participant safe”.
o Routine maintenance. Given that most risks are a result of the water walking balls being affected, competent personnel should be engaged to carry out routine inspections and maintenance of the balls to ensure there is no degradation of the material. Furthermore, a record of service and maintenance should be kept for future reference.
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