Inflatable Water Balls are used for popular water games, it is one of the inflatable balls you can get inside, which are in high demand among children, as well as adults. The games mainly include floating, walking and running on water while inside the inflatable ball. Each ball usually has one entrance which is also used as an exit. It also has a non-return valve that is connected to a blower or air pump to inflate the ball. Its body material is made of approximately 1-millimeter thick Polyvinyl chloride or Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). It is large, approximately 2 meters in diameter and weighs 15 kilograms. It is transparent too and can be customized to any color or size of your choice.
Water balls are commonly used in malls, schools, amusement parks, arcades, homes or houses, events, entertainment centers and other public places. However, the real show of the games takes place on swimming pools, marinas, beaches, among other water bodies.
You can come in groups with family or friends, and challenge one another or play alongside one another in different water balls. These balls are also perfect for adventure rides on large water bodies like the sea or lakes. You can also surprise your child, friend or loved one on their birthday with one of these balls or simply book and take them for a ride. School administrators can also surprise their students by making water balls as one of their school’s touring destinations.
Why you should choose an Inflatable Water Ball
• It is easy to use
• Requires low maintenance
• It is highly efficient, reliable and durable
• It is inexpensive and affordable
One of the accessories you need, to use the inflatable water ball is an air pump or blower. This is used to inflate the ball before use, that is after you have entered inside the ball. Inflation expands the ball’s size which makes it more solid and easier to move or float on water.