Foot dart is a sport that combines soccer and darts ideologies. It is all about kicking a Velcro soccer ball onto a high inflatable dartboard. This requires art, technique, and skill for the player to be successful. However, all these can grow with time so long as you continue to play or practice on a regular basis.

The main objective of the game or every player is to hit the ball at the central target of the inflatable dartboard commonly referred to as the bull’s eye. This is the point with the most number of scores on the dartboard. This implies that the further away the player hits the ball from the bull’s eye, the lower the score.

For players to improve their scoring ability, they can even improvise and use lifted stages approximately parallel to the dartboard’s bull’s eye, so that they can easily hit or increase their chances of hitting the target. This is especially for those with difficulties in kicking the ball vertically from the ground.

After getting the foot dart equipment, you arrange the dartboard at a distance and then set a line or point from where to kick the Velcro ball(s) from. You can use up to 5 balls for each round, and it is always your choice to take one round or more. For every kick or round you take onto the dartboard, you record and tally up the scores. The player with the highest score at the end of the agreed rounds emerges the winner. However, it can be played by one player just for fun and practice.

Foot dart has no age limit and is perfect to play with family members, friends, allies or a strong opposition like the neighbors, other families, and tournaments among others. It is also suitable for almost all parties, events and occasions.

It can be played outdoor and indoor depending on your choice, which one you can afford or is available, and weather among others.

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