AirTrack is a general term of a set of inflatable AirTrack Mats,  it refers to a wide range of inflatable air products developed for the gymnastics sports. They are mainly used for home usage, training, competing and having fun in various sports and entertainment fraternities. These include gymnastics, free-running, trampoline parks, cheerleading, school sports, gyms, and businesses by buying these products from the factory or wholesalers and reselling or renting them.AirTracks are manufactured in different forms, but can be categorised mainly into the followings. These Air Track Mats are combined and customised into different specials. AirTrack training set Edition is a popular choice.

1. AirTrack Training Set Edition


2. AirTrack Pack-like P1, P2 & P3 series (10cm, 20cm & 30cm thick). These are training mats approximately 2 or 2.8 meters wide. It’s mostly used for gymnastics, gym, and cheerleading, among others. AirTrack Pack series are such versatile mats, thick and soft enough for training and recreational activities.


3. AirTrack Floor-like Series. This is a perfect training mat for a variety of sports that is to say gymnastics, gyms, martial arts, cheerleading, fitness, and physiotherapy. AirTrack floor is approximately 10 cm thick and 2 meters wide.


4. AirTrick Board-like Thick&Thin Series. This is very suitable for shows and demonstrations such as gymnastics, martial arts, cheerleading, and free-running. It is approximately 20 cm or 10 cm thick and 2 x 1 meters.


5. AirTrick Long Beam-like Series.

These Air Track Mats are used by all ages at any level that is to say school kids, young talents, professional sportsmen, and the elderly.


6. Blower:


Why you need to use Inflatable Air Track Mat(s):
a) The user gets to have lots of fun while they perfect their art. b) The user is exposed to less or no injuries since they are high-quality airtight products. c) It is a better kit for both recreational and professional sportsmen like free-runners. d) It provides the user with a conducive workout environment thus improving the general body health. Airtrack For Sale now, order now and free shipping.