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uk bubble football
uk bubble football


How does it work?
Your body passes through the foam and you can hold your hand or the entire grip. Your legs are outside the ball to make sure you can run!


There is also a hole that allows you to breathe oxygen, but the head can’t reach out.

The body foam strap can be adjusted according to your size
Suitable for ages over 6 years old, weight 17 stones maximum (118 kg), maximum height 6’7
There are also safety instructions at the beginning – including how to get up if you fall.

Now you are ready to play.
In addition to the very basic bubble football game, there are also variations of the game including: In the bubble football collision, the last person stands, captures the flag and more to win.

London has a large number of venues and we have selected a fantastic stage to choose across London including, Barnes, Waterloo and more.
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