Gymnastics Air Mat is inflatable sports kit used for training, demonstrations, competitions and leisure activities. They are common in gyms, sports centres, entertainment centres, recreational centres, schools, to mention but a few.
They come in different types, sizes, colours and usage. Despite all the differences, the one similarity they all have in common is the presence of air. All Gymnastics Air Mats have to be inflated for them to be used appropriately for their safety and the users. Their inflation is usually performed by equipment such as;
ϖ OV10 Blower: This is designed for high-pressure inflation like in AirFloors. It is recommended not to be used to inflate objects with large volume exceeding approximately 6 metres length and 20 cm or more thickness.
ϖ Hitachi Blower: This is a high volume output blower suitable for inflating longer and thicker Gymnastics Air Mats such as the Gymnastics Air Mats which can bear measurements like 15 x 2.8 metres.
ϖ Foot Pump: This is also a high volume pump. It’s suitably used for all Air Floors and the Gymnastics Air Mat Training Sets.
Gymnastics Air Mat make it easier for the entire body to get engaged in all kinds of exercises without getting injuries. This is due to the soft bodies they are made of and the inflation that is made before the exercises.
These inflatable air-products can also be played by anyone no matter the age. This implies all children and adults, professional athletes, those looking forward to reducing weight and stay fit, those looking for fun through jumping and bouncing on the Gymnastics Air Mats. However, it is very important to keep an eagle eye over the young children or personally help them play so that they are safer on the tracks or mats. This applies to parents and teachers at home and school respectively.
You can book now for a Gymnastics Air Mat with your favourite size or colour, to have fun as you work out your body.