Football Darts are for friendly games that requires the use of your feet to project a soccer (Velcro) ball from a distance to the dartboard. The intention is to score points by hitting the ball at a spot with the highest number of scores or other scores you may wish to have. In brief; the challenge to perfectly hit the ball in the center (a point with the highest score) of the dartboard, is what makes foot dart an interesting and fun game to play.
Below are the steps to follow to prepare, play and finish a foot dart game:
o Inflate the equipment.
o Demarcate a line from where to kick the Velcro soccer ball from.
o Position yourself, aim and kick the ball to hit the dartboard.
o Tally up the scores.
o The next player (if available) also shoots and you also tally the score. This should be done for all the players available.
o The player with more scores in all the played rounds is the winner of the game.
Advantages of playing Soccer Darts games:
o It can be played by anyone of any gender irrespective of the age including children.
o It can be played almost anywhere so long as you have access to the equipment (foot dart board and Velcro soccer balls). This includes indoors or outdoors.
o It risks less or no injuries to the players since there is less physical contact involved.
o It is fun to play especially with friends and family members.
o It is an easier way to work out and improve your body health.
o It also improves your focus, art, and skill which can, in turn, help you in your day to day life.
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