Archery Arrow Tag with Inflatable Bunkers is an intense and thrilling game where participants on one team shoot arrows against another team. Unlike the sharp metallic arrows, these ones are foam-tipped and even safe enough for kids to play. The players also need to have archery tag bows; face masks to protect their eyes, ears, nose and mouth; arm guards; and inflatable bunkers to hide or dodge the arrow from the other team. The bunkers also provide a suitable environment and breathing space to focus and strike your opponent or their 5-spot target.
Inflatable Archery Tag Equipment is not for kids below 8 or 9 years old, and all minors should have a written and signed agreement from their parent/guardian allowing them to play. Players are also advised to wear standard sports shoes and clothing, with no eye or sunglasses, and jewellery during the game. This is to avoid any risks that could be caused by them.
This game is played both indoor and outdoor. The fields are well marked and divided into three zones. Players stand and play from extreme ends of the field separated by the safe zone, which is a no go or playing area by any player.
A team’s odds of winning a game increase when they eliminate more players and centre targets from the other team. Therefore, the team with more players and centre targets still standing becomes the winner.
Archery Tag Equipment is perfect for birthday parties, team building sessions, holiday camps, youth groups, schools’ sports days, friends’ day out and festivals among others.
Apart from having fun, this game has very important benefits that can help anyone in his/her day to day life, that is to say; mental fitness since it requires focus, physical strength for firm positioning, muscle strength for pulling the bow and teamwork among others.
You can book now to have fun with a bow and arrow that won’t hurt you or your friend.

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