Inflatable Ball Suit is a combination of bubble ball and inflatable suit ideas. Inflatable Ball Suit’s setting and objective are similar to that of football with the presence of the ball to fight for, the referee, and goal-posts to score in and win. Meanwhile, dodgeball comes in when you have to focus, dodge and beat your opponents to win the ball and score. Dodging helps you avoid being fouled and knocked down. Nonetheless, it is not easy to beat opponents with your top body parts encased in a bubble.
Just imagine what would happen when you add an inflatable bubble ball suit to football and dodgeball. Imagine wearing a bubble while you play football with your play mates or loved ones. This is a sport worth trying for anyone above 10 years of age to around 60 years and 4’8” to 6’4” tall. However, anyone out of this range can first consult inflatable ball suit technical staff and doctors before playing.
Inflatable Ball Suit is such a fantastic sport that can easily blend in many social events such as festivals, carnivals, stag and hen parties, church and community events, engagements and anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, etc. However, inflatable bubble ball suit requires standard indoor and outdoor venues to be played from for the safety of the players. These include stadiums, auditoriums, open fields, courts, parks and backyards with grass, artificial turf, plastic or carpets.
Besides enjoying it as a sport, it comes along with additional benefits such as;
o Improving on your health and fitness through running, jumping, jogging, bouncing and rolling, among others. This increases your body metabolic rate, makes you sweat hence burning the excess fat in your body. In a nutshell, it keeps you in shape, strengthens your bones and relieves you of stress.
o Improves teamwork through interaction, coordination, and communication among teammates.
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