A Giant Hamster Ball is a large, inflatable, plastic ball that one can sit or stand in; and have a lot of excitement and enjoyment. Initially, it was created with an intention of rolling around on water with a person or more inside it. After some time, the ball found its way on land. People embraced it wholly as it was much fun rolling down the sloppy areas. It was from these first experiences on water and land, and the responses they received from the people that led to the birth of Zorbing.
Ever since its invention in New Zealand, 1994, Giant Hamster Ball has continuously spread to other nations namely; India, United Kingdom, USA, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Slovenia, Poland, Sweden and many others.
The Structure of the Giant Hamster Ball:
♣ It is made of two sections, the inner and the outer.
♣ The inner section has straps for the player to hold onto while inside the ball.
♣ Next to the inner section is a gap full of air for cushioning.
♣ Lastly, is the outer layer made of tough and flexible plastic.
Safety of the Giant Hamster Ball:
♣ It is durable due to its tough and flexible plastic materials.
♣ It is transparent. Although the player is enclosed beneath two sections of plastic, light, and air still penetrate the ball. This gives the player clear vision and writes off any cases of claustrophobia.
This ball can be played by both children and adults. However safe it is, it is still recommended to keep an open eye on your loved ones while they walk or roll down the flat or sloppy surfaces respectively. On the other hand, a Giant Human Hamster Ball can also be played in large indoors, with artificially built sloppy structures made of wood or carpet, among others.
In a nutshell, a Giant Hamster Ball is that perfect present you can buy to surprise your loved ones with. Order now and you won’t regret it.