Bubble Ball comes with a few intriguing twists on the familiar game of soccer. These include foul play, the introduction of an inflatable bubble kit, no goalkeepers, no specific number of players (minimum standard of 4 or 5), no many referees, among others. Each player wears an inflatable bubble which entirely covers his or her upper body parts from the head to the thighs or knees. The legs are left free to provide balance and kick the ball with the intention of scoring against the opponents. The winner is the team with more goals at the end of the game.
Foul play is what makes this game more exciting and fun to play. This includes jumping, knocking, pushing and bumping into opponents with the ai of scoring or defending. This is where the inflatable bubble plays its part in protecting the players who have fallen, from getting hurt or injured. The bubble simply bounces and rolls on the ground which usually makes the players laugh abnormally. There is no excuse for missing out on this experience since it is for both male and female participants, aged 10 years old and above. However, those above 60 years are advised not to participate.
To be honest, bubble ball is affordable since it can be played both indoor and outdoor. These facilities include soccer playing fields, gyms, recreation centers, parks, courts, etc. Their surfaces are usually made of artificial turf, grass, and carpet. They must be maintained clean to avoid any incidents that would lead to participants getting accidents. Players are also not supposed to play while wearing eyeglasses, sunglasses, belts, earrings, watches or any other jewelry. Bubble soccer is perfect to play with friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors at birthday parties, corporate functions, community events, fundraising functions, weddings, anniversary celebrations, festivals, entertainment and sports galas, carnivals, to mention but a few.