What is a Inflatable Human Ball:
A Inflatable Human Ball is simply that ball used for Zorbing. Zorbing refers to bouncing from hilly areas downwards while inside a large inflatable ball. This ball also contains an inner ball, which is separated from the outer ball by a layer of air. This air acts as a shock absorber when the ball is running or moving.
Materials Used and Others Features of the Inflatable Human Ball:
o Inflatable Hamster Balls are usually made from Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) and Urethane Thermoplastic Polymer (UTP). These materials make the balls strong enough to move long distances and adhere to different surfaces and conditions without getting damaged.
Note: Urethane Thermoplastic Polymer is stronger and more expensive than Poly Vinyl Chloride.
o They are transparent. This enables light all the way through to the innermost ball, thus enabling the participant(s) to see where they are going. This also reduces on untimely complications such as claustrophobia.
o These balls can be customized in different sizes and colours. This means the participant or buyer gets the opportunity to order or choose their favourites.
o Besides being round in shape, the ball is generally large, approximately 2.5 to 3 metres in diameter. On the other hand, the inner ball is about 1.2 to 2 metres in diameter. This provides enough space for the participant to fit in well.
o The ball has to be inflated and zipped after the participant gets inside it. This makes it lighter and easier to move.
o The participant stands in the innermost ball.
These balls can be used by all; ranging from kids, teenagers and adults to experience the amazing Zorbing sport.
They are mostly used outdoor on grassy sloppy areas and levelled horizontal surfaces. However, indoor facilities made of wood, artificial turf and carpet can be built to enjoy Inflatable Human Hamster Ball game, especially during bad weather conditions.