Inflatable Dart Board is a sport played to have fun while you test your shooting abilities and art using your feet to hit a target. It involves kicking a ball at the dartboard to earn points depending on the position where it lands. The center point of the dartboard is the point with the highest points, thus the main point of interest.

This sport can be played anywhere ranging from compounds, grassy playing fields, halls, or any space large enough to accommodate the equipment and ensure the safety of the players and the equipment.

It can be played by all ages from kids to adults at events like children’s day out, parties, carnivals, galas, conferences, schools and at home with family and friends. On the other hand, inflatable dart board can also be played at a competitive level like tournaments where players face off following a given set of rules as they compete for a prize. The rules can tackle the number of rounds to be played and the distance from the dartboard to the kicking line among others.

Although it can be played by anyone, inflatable dart board is quite a challenging game. Nevertheless; the more practice and play, the better you become. Here is how you can improve and score more points when playing foot dart:

  • Positioning your feet. It is so important to find a comfortable position for your feet before kicking the ball. Depending on your preference and comfort; you can kick the ball with your feet pointing directly to the inflatable dartboard, parallel to the board or in any angle between “directly” and “parallel”.
  • The distance of your feet. It should preferably be a normal walking step so as to enable a balanced distribution of weight to your body. This puts your body at ease which in turn enables you to focus (to your preferred target).
  • Positioning your shoulders. Your shoulders should be parallel with the Giant Inflatable Dart Board. You also need to bend/lean forward as little as you can before taking the kick.