Soccer Dart Board is such a simple game to play based on football fundamentals. It involves using the feet to kick the ball at the dartboard. It is both an indoor and outdoor game that can be played by children and adults of any age and gender.
To play foot dart, you need to have the right equipment which includes a dart board of reasonable height and size (giant), Velcro dart balls and need there be need, an extendable stick for reaching the darts. The number of players involved in a single game usually varies from 1 to 4. However, you can still enjoy the fun playing alone with your own dart equipment and by your own rules.
The objective of the game is to hit the center point on the dartboard with the Velcro dart ball. It is not as easy as it sounds, thus calls for concentration, focus, and art to hit the target so as to score and earn points.
The inflatable foot dart equipment is easier to use and provides a convenient and fair environment while playing. This is further illustrated below;
♣ The dartboard can be transferred from one place to another, thus the game can be played at your place of preference.
♣ Since the dartboard is inflatable, it can easily be carried and assembled in the field using an electric pump.
♣ The ball used is made of Velcro material which enables it to stick at the point it hits or lands after being kicked by the player. This makes it easier to record points earned thus reducing the chances of cheating.
Foot dart is one of those games you can add at home or hire to play with your friends and family on a weekend. But before making a purchase, you can order your favorite color and size so that your dartboard is customized to meet your taste.