As the name suggests, Zorb Soccer simply refers to playing soccer while wearing an inflatable rubber or plastic bubble. It is worn over your upper body parts namely; the head, shoulders, chest, pelvis, thighs, and knees.
What makes it unique?
• No goalkeeping since players’ hands are inside the zorb soccer ball.
• There is no specific number of players to be on the playground. This depends on the size of the playground and the number of participants available. Although indoor venues like basketball and tennis courts, gyms and recreation centers can accommodate fewer participants compared to outdoor parks and open playing fields. However, it’s recommended not to play a congested game. A good standard is 5 versus 5 for indoors and 11 versus 11 (or more) for large outdoor playgrounds. This is so as to create enough space and allow the game to flow.
• The time the game takes varies. This also depends on the size of the playground, the number of players available including the substitutes and the age range of the players. That is to say, the time the game of 12-14-year-olds will most likely be less than that of 19-23-year-olds.
Note: Zorb Football is for anyone above 7 years and below 60 years old.
• There is usually one center referee to maintain the discipline of the players and make sure zorb soccer rules are followed.
• It can be played by any person who can walk since it requires no special skill. This is why it is so perfect for families, friends or colleagues in colleges, at weddings, birthdays, reunions, anniversaries, public holidays, entertainment and sports galas. However, those with zorb football skills have an added advantage.
• Finally, it makes your friends and loved ones laugh like never before. Both the team mates and the spectators.
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